Honeywell Quiet clean air purifier

Filterless air purifier – Honeywell quiet clean air purifier review

People buy an air purifier for a number of reasons, but there are also certain practical considerations should need to be taken into account.

Two of the most important ones are what it looks like both from an asthmatic point of view and also how it is going to fit into the room where it is going to be used and also noise of the air purifier itself.

Noise is a really important issue because the machine will most likely be running for long periods of time and sometimes during the night as well if the air purifier is going to be used in a bedroom, then noise is really important.

Most manufacturers will claim that their machines are quiet because they know it is a unique selling point and in fairness most of the mark.

The best way to gauge whether a machine is really quiet and not is to read reviews of it either on sites like Amazon or Home Depot.

The Honeywell quiet clean air purifier is what is known as a shower air purifier.

This is self evident to an extent in that it is shaped like a tower i.e. it is talll and thin as opposed to small and round all large and round which a lot of other air purifiers are.

This has the advantage that it's can stow away quite neatly or look fairly unobtrusive when placed on objects in a living room or sitting room or bedroom.

Honeywell claim that the filters in this air purifier filter out up to 99% of particles and as such help to remove dust mould odours and pollen from the air in the room it is being used in.

Filters for this air purifier are removable and washable which means you don't have to buy a new one is which can be an expensive maintenance costs for an air purifier.

This in truth is what a filterless air purifier really is all air purifiers have filters.

Replacement filters can be expensive and can lead to an escalating cost in maintaining the machine.

Filters that can be removed and washed and then replaced obviously do not cost anything and therefore are as good as new when put back in the machine.


Filterless air purifiers – Honeywell climate cleaned air purifier specifications

The Honeywell quiet clean  air purifier has what is described as an oscillating feature that means it can circulate the air that has been filtered through the air purifier in rooms up to a size of 170 ft.²

When buying an air purifier it is best to start out by working out which will run you want to use the air purifier in, and the size of the room most air purifiers will say how big a room they can filter the air back into.

It's their way of measuring the size of the air purifier effectively.

The Honeywell air purifier will circulate room air up to the size of 170 ft.² approximately 5 times an hour.

It has a three fan speed and is also energy star qualified to meet or exceed federal guidelines energy efficiency. It is also a portable air purifier. This is really important and you need to see the machine to make sure that it is portable – this air purifier is.

In theory any air purifier is portable but in fact a lot of them are too heavy to remove around so if you will be needing to move the purifier into different rooms during the day or at night check that it genuinely is portable.


Filterless air purifier – Honeywell quiet clean air purifier reviews

Checking out reviews from air purifier on sites already mentioned such as Amazon or Best Buy or home Depot can be really valuable.

People will post good and bad reviews and highlight issues that are likely to be of interest to you if you're thinking of buying one the reviews of this air purifier show very clearly that the things that seem to matter to people are mainly noise and effectiveness.

The effectiveness of an air purifier is quite difficult to gauge.

People will have a sense of how much cleaner the air is depending on where they live and how polluted the air is around them.

People often use air purifiers because they have asthma or lived with a smoker or are a smoker or notice the effect of applicants on allergies or intolerances they have.

This means that they are more likely to notice how efficient and air purifier is.

The other thing to look for when buying an air purifier is how many lights on its and what type of likes they are.

By this I mean simply that if it is to be used at night either in an adult bedroom or babies bedroom then having a number of likes especially as they flash can be quite irritating so it is worth checking how many liked it has and how bright they are when it is dark.

Honeywell suggest that the filters are removed and washed and replaced every three months but this will probably to an extent depend on its use each and how polluted the air is where it is being used.

One reviewer on the Home Depot site says that his machine alerts in to when the filter is needed changing so it is quite likely this is a feature of the air purifier

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